FOSLIFE® is a natural sugar substitute made from cane sugar by an unique proprietary enzyme process to enable the conversion of sucrose. It consists of short-chain fructo-oligo-saccharides (sc-FOS) naturally found in vegetables like onions, asparagus, tomatoes, other fruits, wheat and grains. Technically fructo-oligo-saccharide (FOS) is a natural form of sucrose molecules to which one, two or three additional fructose units are added by β-2,1-glycosidic linkages to the fructose unit of sucrose. FOSLIFE® is the future of sweeteners with low calories and low glycemic index yet with great taste.


A diverse ingredient for food formulations

FOSLIFE® is a natural sugar derivative that provides the ultimate solution for sugar replacement. The functional and physical attributes of FOSLIFE® support a wide range of food and beverage applications involving sugar reduction, fiber enrichment and low glycemic index while delivering sweetness, texture, mouthfeel, flavour and humectation very similar to sugar.

Product range

  L-55 L-65
% FOS 55 65
Sweetness 75 70
Calories (kcal/g) 2.16 2.01
Glycemic index < 20 < 20

Products in pipeline

  L-95 P-95
% FOS 95 95
Sweetness 40 35-40
Calories (kcal/g) 1.5 1.6
Glycemic index 0 0

Health benefits

• Improves gut health

• Enhances nutrient absorption

• Improves cognitive function

• Boosts immunity



Functional benefits

• Sweetness profile akin to sucrose

• Bulking agent

• Masks off notes

• Enhances flavor

• Acts as a humectant

• Improves texture

• Lowers freezing point & prevents recrystallization in frozen desserts

Nutritional benefits

• Sugar reduction

• Fiber enrichment

• Low glycemic index

• Low calorific value