FOSGROTM is a productivity enhancing feed ingredient composed of short-chain fructooligosaccharides which act as an excellent prebiotic. FOSGROTM alters the gut environment and supports the growth of good bacteria, secretion of digestive enzymes, production of postbiotics and mineral absorption in the gut giving rise to digestive and immune health benefits. Prebiotics are gaining importance in all segments of animal nutrition encompassing pets, cattle, fish, shrimp and poultry in the past few years. FOSGROTM is demonstrated to reduce the usage of antibiotics and fall in line with modern feed regulations and consumer preferences.

FOSGROTM can be used as an ingredient while formulating the animal feed or feed supplements or independently given as supplement to the animals for improving productivity. The use of FOSGROTM in pet foods helps to improve digestive health, stool consistency and reduce foul stool odour. Regular usage of FOSGROTM in feed formulation will reduce the dependency on antibiotics in aquaculture, poultry and cattle.

Product Characteristics

• 100% natural origin

• Stable during pelleting and storage

• Excellent feed binding properties

• Good alternative to antibiotics

• Stimulates the growth of animals

• Improves FCR


• Cattle feed

• Poultry feed

• Pet food

• Shrimp and Fish feed