Sugar reduction

Sweets are now healthy

Great taste and clean label are crucial for attracting modern consumers in food and beverage industry. Assuring delicious taste only helps to attract customers but to maintain a customer, it is critical to have healthy list of ingredients in the formulation. People have become more cautious about what they eat and drink. When it comes to buying, consumers decisions are mostly influenced by the ingredients list, nutritional claims and their impact on health and functional claims made by different brands.

Even though a healthier lifestyle is a priority, most people find it difficult to change their eating habits and stay away from sugary foods. Since food products with high sugar are known to have negative impact on health, it is important for food and beverage manufacturers to identify sweeteners that are healthy and offer functional benefits.

Sugar reduction is now a norm and consumer awareness about negative effects of sugar is growing rapidly in the food and beverage market. Consumers are always seeking low sugar products with less calories, low glycemic index without compromising the sweet taste and texture.

About 41% of global consumers are reported to prefer low sugar while buying preserved food. This consumer preference is in line with the growth of new products in the dairy and bakery sector claiming to have low/reduced/no sugar in recent years. Manufacturers find it challenging to deliver low-sugar products while keeping the taste and texture consistent.

FOSLIFETM is a natural derivative of sugar that offers the ultimate solution for partial or complete sugar replacement. The functional and physical attributes of FOSLIFETM support a wide range of food and beverage applications involving sugar reduction, low glycemic index while delivering similar sweetness, texture, mouthfeel, flavour and humectation similar to sugar.