CV Subba Rao

CV Subba Rao, Chairman and founder of Robo Silicon Pvt Ltd had a vision that combined sound business sense and eye on the future. While the ecological cost and the enormous environmental damage caused by indiscriminate dredging of river sand was well known and documented, Subba Rao recognized the future of this critical building material. With this vision, he founded Robo Silicon in the year 1999 which is recognized as a market leader and a premier company.

Subba Rao believes that constant innovation is the key to creating economic value and has a history of promoting new and innovative concepts. He started in 1990 with Robo Engineers, a franchisee of MRF Limited dealing in poly-urethane paints – which was a new concept in India at that time. In 1999 he promoted Roshni Powertech Ltd. - a 6 MW Biomass Based Power Project to produce Green Power (Non-Conventional Energy) by utilizing agricultural residue & waste. This project continues to run successfully.